Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, New R&B, Pop, Soul group Trek® is ready to take your soul on a musical journey through life, love, heartache,sex, and PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The groups main agenda in the music realm is not only to pay honor to the greats that came before them but to honor them while they are still ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!  NEW AGE like you've never heard it before.
Prince, Stevie Wonder,  Tank, 112, Silk, Boys 2 men, Usher, Mint Condition, Joe, Jon B, Babyface, Monica, Brandy, Destiny's Child, Men at Large, The Ojays, Take 6, TLC, Aaliyah, Next, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart,  Blackstreet, and all the artist who have paved the way for young black musicians. Born on August 21 and September 23, 1989 Dujuan"...." Wright and Don"...." Griffin both from Cleveland, Ohio discovered their talents as young as 3yrs old. Both grew up singing in church and school, Dujuan first attempt as a member of "...." wasn't a success but it didnt stop him from moving on and trying again. After being the musical "Five guys named Moe"  at the Huntington Playhouse Don and Dujuan decided they wanted to make a trio. They came up with the name "Xclusiv" because along with there crazy ideas there sound was rare. They started out just rehearsing in the house singing cover songs to perfect their blend. About 2years later the guys thought that it was time to head out and follow there dream. They packed up and moved to Atlanta Ga. While there they encountered many obstacles good and bad, they got the chance to meet  Nicki Minaj, Gucci Man, Rich Boy, and also recorded 4 songs engineered by  Malik "M16" Albert who was working at a studio were many celebs recorded such as Lil Scrappy and D.J. Holiday, Diamond etc. While out at Karaoke they met Shaunte Clark which led them to do 4 more demo songs for her. It all sounds good but they faced alot of not so good things as well which landed them back in Cleveland Oh without a record deal that they knew was at their finger tips. This for anybody would be enough to give up a dream that everybody strive for, but something was different for the two. While in Cleveland the city that shows "NO LOVE"  they continued there regular lives as students, they humbled themselves and didnt stop, although they werent played on the radio or do to much of anything but rehearsed in the garage it was all there decision they knew that they were more than just local artist. They were featured in the stage play as extras in "Why do good girls like bad boys"  were they met and talked with other celebs such as Drew Sidora(The Game), Leon(The Temptations), Clifton Powell(Friday after Next) Terrell Carter(Medea), Tony Grant(Az Yet)and Teisha Lott-Brown(Brownstone) which gave them there inspiration back to be on the big stage, performing in front of others, and having an impact on people lives in a positive way. Soon after they met with Dave Tolliver(Men At Large) a Cleveland Native Duo who song "So Alone" was 31 on Billboard top 100 in 1992 was interested in working with them. Through all the hardships and trials they knew that it was only to build them for something great! AND NOW THE REAL JOURNEY BEGINS!!!!!!!